Tale of Malifaux Bloggers

In the beginning….

So this is ToMB… or more accurately what’s going to become my ToMB (or Tale of Malifaux Bloggers) journey.

As you, dear reader, probably have noticed, a few blogging Malifaux players around have started posting about their upcoming ToMB journey.

++ So what is this ToMB then? ++

Malifaux ToMB is a continuing “project” that will span over 6 months, starting the 17th of February. It will revolve around Malifaux players around the globe picking a Master+crew, and blogging about their experience learning, playing and painting it. This is at least the general idea.

There are some guidelines to this of course, since what would we be without some proper and rigid rules… ehm… yeah..

* Every month all participants will “be given” a set amount of money to spend.

– Month 1: $60

– Month 2-6: $25 per month.

* All players need to start off with a crew box and an Arsenal deck, which cost is deducted from the starting money of $60. All prices are set from the ones found in the Wyrd Webstore: http://wyrd-games.net/shop/

* You are allowed to use proxies. Their price will be set to the model it is representing. If the model itself is yet to be released, find a model in the Webstore of similar size/type and go by that pricing.

* All models bought for the month should be painted during the span of the month. This means that the starting set should be painted until the deadline of 17th of March. It is not mandatory to post pictures of your painted models, but it is encouraged.

* As part of the project, you should try and get as many games in with the crew as possible. Try and document these games and also any thoughts in the process of the models you are using.

* There’s a site called “Pull My Finger” (http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/ ) where our notes and thoughts might come in handy. It is supposed to be a tool for any player wanting to start with a certain Faction and Master.

These are more or less the basics for ToMBs.

++ So who am I ? ++

My name is Kristian Karlsson and I live in Krakow, Poland. Originally I’m from Sweden, but am lately being refered to as “that Polish fella”. People will probably know my by my nick on Twitter and the Wyrd forum: Balefirestorm.

I’m a long time player of Malifaux (all the way back to before the release of Rising Powers), and even longer time player of miniature games. My experience date back to the 2nd edition of Blood Bowl. Yup, the one with the styrofoam board. From that point it’s been a lot of games; WHFB, WH40k, Confrontation, Mordheim and so on and so forth. And these days, I’m more or less exclusively playing Malifaux. Especially with the recent appearance of new Malifaux players here in Krakow.

Apart from this I’m also co-host of the prominent podcast Chasing Bacon. A podcast that started with the intention to help out Gremlin players and also as a platform for me and my co-host Chris to discuss this amazing faction.

++ So why am I doing this then? ++

Well first of all I’m all for making it easier for new players to get into the game. Even after the edition change, the mechanics and system can seem a bit daunting to new players. Also with the release of wave 2, the amount of master to choose from is a bit… how to put it? Ah, you get what I’m aiming at.

So with our blogs, we can help new players get some nice and proper information regarding the masters we have chosen, as well as advice on how to expand your way from a crew box up to a shining nice crew for months (or even years) to come.

I’m also a person who like to try out new things. Having played the Gremlins since the start of the wave 1 playtest, I’m starting to feel that it could be nice with something of a breather from the greensinned little buggers.

If you have not picked up on my choice of master for ToMB, you will have to wait till the 17th of February (so in 2 weeks). Then I will be revealing my first stumbling steps with a master without green skin and constant hangover.

Until then 🙂


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