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Everything’s for sale… for the right price

++ Back again for the so called Post 0,5 ++

So the big reveal… or is that pre-reveal? 😉

So, since I have seen a lot of players already announcing their Master of choice, I have decided to do the same. So without further ado:


The man of moustach… I mean legend himself. von Schill the invincible (he’ll probably not survive one game thanks to this). I had the Freikorp models for quite a while, but never really got around to start using them. My esteemed co-host Chris have already branded me a traitor of the worst sort, due to my choice.

 ++ Why Freikorps? ++

What first drew me to the Freikorps were of course the models themselves. I really like the Freikorp esthetics and have somehow always liked the Merc theme (going back so far as Dogs of War for WHFB).

Also, I like how easily the Freikorps can adjust to things happening on the board. They feel like they can take on a lot, if not all, situations that might arise from Strategies and Schemes.

++ Starting up ++

My buy-in for the Freikorps are the following:

– Freikorps crew box  $48 (problem here is that this box is no longer available from the Wyrd forum)

– Bishop, the Soul harvester $9,50

– Leaves $2,50 for next month

The crew box in itself contains a good amount of models, ending up on a good 31 ss. Considering that two of them are Enforcers will make sure that the crew from the box easily can partake in games to up to the 40 ss level.

The models themselves really complement each other and I really like that the basic crew is made to fill most roles.

– Von Schill: Probably one of the most flexible Masters in the game. I get the feeling that there’s really nothing this guy can not do.

– Librarian: Healer, de-buffer and generally blasty with her Furious casting Tactical action.

– Specialist: This guy (in addition to looking totally awesome) will help me bring the fire around. Also making sure that I will be able to prevent Slow and Paralyze.

– Trapper: From the shadows coupled with the sniper stats and reposition makes this model really nice at targeting flankers and less careful ones.

– Freikorpsman: For the cost of 5ss, I truly believe the Freikorpsman is one of the top 3 models in the game at their price range. They have so much flexibility that I’d gladly take 3-4 of them in a single crew. The problem though is, that there’s only two sculpts out there. So for now, I will have to wait for the plastics.

In addition to this very good starter, I chose to add even more flexibility to the crew by adding Bishop. Bishop is another one of those models that can adjust to most situations. Generating an extra AP per turn is huge.

The big problem with the Freikorp right now, is that two of their models haven’t been released. This means that the Steam trunk and Hanna might not be included in this blog, since I don’t really want to build a proxy for Hanna. There might be a proxy for the Trunk appearing though. I just need to talk to Dave and Chris on how to price the model.

++ Go Forth ++

So, this is my beginning. At this time, the crew doesn’t seem to have any huge disadvantages. I need to get a few games in to try them out and see what will happen.

So till next time J


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